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I'm Cécile Carrère

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Also coaches in other languages please enquire.

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My Story

Cécile is from Reunion Island and at a very young age she came to Paris to study drama to become an actress.

She spent several years going through various classes, workshops, and various theater stages during which she discovered a growing interest in directing.

A decisive encounter in her journey with Jordan Beswick, will strengthen her in the idea that the transmission of knowledge and know-how can be as exciting as being in the light.

Then life takes her away from acting for a while, but as she misses it painfully she decides to come back to it in a different way :  focusing on what gives her even more satisfaction than being an actress, that is to say become an acting coach. Her  empathy,  humor, kindness and the pertinence of her work allows her in a few years to make a reputation in the industry. Today she works with a lot of actors for theater, television and cinema in both languages english and French.

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