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I'm Chris Mack

  • Acting Coach

  • Casting Coach

  • Selftape Coach

  • onset Coach

  • Dialogue Coach

  • Coaching for a role



Also coaches in other languages please enquire.


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My Story

If you need an acting coach, contact Chris!  He has been coaching actors for over 25 years. He teaches a variety of classes and workshops (camera technique, acting technique, scene study, acting in English, and more) for numerous schools in and around Paris.  Chris also coaches for films and television shows, as well as helping actors to successfully prepare for their films and castings. 


The work of a coach can be essential in helping an actor to triumph in a casting, or find the essential elements in a character.  Chris is great at helping actors to engage completely and feel free, to make specific and honest choices, and to listen.  He love working with actors.  You are rich and filled with so many possibilities.  He is nurturing, imaginative and specific with his actors.  Give him a call!


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