Our coaches have at least 5 years experience coaching working professional actors and commit to:


1.  Are honest in their assessments, but never cruel.


2.  Are punctual.


3.  Are adaptable.


4.  Are respectful.


5.  Establish and enforce clear and healthy boundaries.


6.  Are intent on assisting actors to rise up and face every professional challenge with confidence and security.


7.  Guarantee that they will give their best to help actors realize their best.



The professional code of ethics at iACT:


As a member of iACT, in accordance with its rules and code of ethics, I acknowledge and agree to honor my ethical and legal obligations to my clients, sponsors, colleagues and to the general public.


In case of violation of any part of iAct’s code of ethics, I agree that iACT, in its sole discretion, may hold me accountable. Furthermore, I accept my liability to iACT for any breach, which may include penalties, such as obligatory additional coaching or other training, or the possible loss of my iACT membership.


I comply with iACT’s code of ethics in all my interactions. If I realize that I am possibly violating the code or if I identify unethical behavior by another iACT member, I respectfully raise the issue with those involved. If this is not enough to solve the problem, I refer it to the President of iACT who will draw relevant conclusions after preliminary investigation.


I am committed to excellence through the continuous development of personal, professional and ethical actions.


I am aware of my personal limitations or of certain circumstances that may put me in conflict with, interfere with, or alter my performance or my professional relationships. I will seek external support to determine the measures to be adopted. If necessary, I will quickly seek relevant professional support, or even suspend or end my coaching service.

I resolve any existing or potential conflict of interest by discussing the matter with the parties involved, seeking professional assistance, or suspending temporarily or permanently the professional relationship.


I respect the privacy of iAct members and use their contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.) only after I have been authorized to do so by the iAct member(s) involved.

I provide true and accurate verbal and written descriptions of what I offer as an IAct professional, in terms of professional coaching and the potential value of coaching.


I take responsibility for consciously setting clear, appropriate, and culturally appropriate boundaries regarding interactions with my client(s), physical or otherwise.


I have no sexual or romantic relationship with my client(s) or sponsor(s). I will always ensure that the level of intimacy is appropriate for the coaching relationship. I will take appropriate action to resolve any problem if it arises or terminate the engagement if necessary.


I avoid all forms of discrimination by maintaining fairness and equality in all activities and operations, while respecting local rules and cultural practices. This includes, but is not limited to, discrimination based on age, race, creed, gender expression, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability, or military status.



I acknowledge and respect the contributions and intellectual property of others, claiming ownership of my own work only. I am aware that any violation of this rule on my part could lead to compensation sought by a third party.


I am honest and abide by accepted scientific standards, relevant guidelines and the limits of my competence while conducting or reporting on research.


I am aware of the influence that I and my clients have on society. I adhere to the philosophy of "doing good" as opposed to "avoiding evil".