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I'm Elise Mc Leod

Acting coaching

  • Casting

  • Selftape

  • For a role

  • Onset

  • Dialog



Also coaches in other languages please enquire.


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My Story

Elise has been coaching for 17 years,  preparing actors for their auditions, their films shoots and on sets. She adapts to the specific needs of each actor, each scenario and each role. She coaches Eriq EBOUANEY (A season in France, Three days to kill etc), Ines Melab (Les Romanoffs) Charlotte Deniel (Paris / Brest) Raoul Fernandes (Banking district) Inès Spiridonov (Barbarians) Christophe FAVRE (Radin) Maud IMBERT (Le Mensonge) Djinda Kane (Marseille, Madame Blanc) and regularly coaches in English and French: Amelie Prévot, Claude Perron, Oulaya Amamra, Arben Bajraktaraj, Miglen Mirtchev, Giorgina Sincorni, Lena Lprès, Nicolas Ullmann, Astrid Roos, Eugenie Derouand, Gabriel Atger, Jade Gia Phan, Amelie Daure, Stéphane Godin, Lilou Fogli, Sabine Crossen; Géraldine Martineau, Stephane Hausauer-Roze, David Fisher, Hélène Kuhn, Jennifer Dubourg, Fatima Adoum, Maka Sidibe, Tony Zaroul, Laurence Côte, Alice Carel among others. The actors received prizes for their work together: Audrey Dana Romy Schneider Prize for the film “Welcome” and “Roman de Gare”. Emilie Piponnier best actress for La Mostra de Valencià and Eurasia International film festival for the film “Alice”. Equipped with professional equipment, she also accompanies them for self-tapes. She created "C-Me acting" in 2008 with Sabine Crossen where she coaches professional actors in collaboration with directors and casting directors for masterclasses. She has animated film acting workshops at numerous schools including: Paris Sandy Meisner, Bilingual acting workshop, New York Film Academy, Blanche Salant. Born in Australia, she has lived and worked in Paris since 1997. Graduated from the University of Paris VIII in Cinema and Directing,

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