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I'm James Joint

  • Acting Coach

  • Casting Coach

  • Selftape Coach

  • On-set Coach

  • For a Role 





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My Story

James coaches a weekly training workshop for professional actors. 

He responds to each artist's specific needs. It can be instrument training: understanding your needs and overcoming your limiting beliefs. It can be script analysis: understanding the character’s objectives, obstacles, stakes and actions.  It can be rehearsing for a shoot, an audition or a personal project. Le Training des Frigos can be anything else or nothing more vital than a place to connect with your inner artist once a week. It’s up to you.


James will also do one-on-one coaching on a case by case basis.


As an actor he has trained and therefore coaches using the following techniques: Susan Batson, Ivana Chubbuck, Larry Moss, Bob Mcandrew, Edward Bond. 

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